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o r a n g e b a n d a i d | | | | w o r k i n p r o g r e s s

what is this insanity??

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" w o r k i n p r o g r e s s " = the story of my life...

a conglomeration of JE-related graphics/art with the occasional personal blah thrown in
most of the life-related stuff will be for friends-eyes-only
but the graphics and art are free for anybody to take a peek!

|| how to make a TORI:
one part student. one part artist. one part asian. one part geek. one part genius. one part ten-year-old boy. one part daydreamer. one part mega-fail. three parts procrastinator.

mix well, then leave to simmer for 19 years.

|| what makes a TORI flail like there's no tomorrow:
everything arashi (particularly anything of the miracle boy, baka, "very danger" masaki variety). yamapi. anime and manga (particularly anything of the naruto, bleach, hana-kimi variety). art and scribbling. the kaulitz twins. playing around on photoshop. defying gravity. kat-tun. cute stuff. squishable stuff. colourful stuff. harry potter. doctor who (david tennant only). lord of the rings. the dangly things that you hang off your mobiles. choc-mint ice-cream. jumping photos. ninjas and pirates. free time to waste.

|| what to do to befriend TORI / what to do if a TORI befriends you:
you don't have to do anything, really. if you've said 'hi' somewhere on my journal, or like my stuff, or have the same interests as me, feel free to add me. i'm all up for making new friends, but i don't want to add complete strangers either.

otherwise, if you wish me to add you back too, please check out and say a word or two at my intro post ^^

*cough* and if i've added you... don't mind me~~ :P i just like your work. or your rambles.

yoroshiku ~ ♥

|| a note about my banner...
if you'd like, i'm completely happy for you to save it to your computer for your use only. you don't need to ask. but please, please, don't alter it or claim it as your own - because i wasted hours of my life making it ^^
if you want to put it in a journal entry or something else, please ask for permission first.

please feed aki-kun. he needs clothes! =3= i promise he won't bite ♥

the favourite tune ♥ :

the tearjerker : (*hops on*)